How time flies! I still remember the moment I was at school a year ago today. I cannot believe that I am no longer a student, everything is changing quitely. This year, I graduated and had a short trip, I moved out with my parents, and fell in love with a wonderful, kind girl. Even more fortunate is that my mentor was not only a good teacher but became my best/close friend, we can talk lots of topics in different fields, and thanks a million for him provided me many work opportunities in the past year. Sometimes in order to accomplish some projects, we worked hard all night.

But also, I realized I am not a child any more. I have to take more responsibility to work hard and earn more money to get my life more better, for myself, my girl friend and my parents. I must get rid of a lot of bad habits, one of the biggest problem is Procrastination. That is really puzzling me all the time, because it cost me too much at this year.

I think this blog is the best birthday gift for myself, I hope I’ll become a man who has knowledge and keep learning, track that in blog. Before start blogging, I was confuse what language should I use to write. I really wanna use English as my primary language and I am afraid that I cannot keep doing this, that is a bit difficult for me. I come from China, Chinese is my native language. I am not really good at English, I know it’s a little bit annoying to my audiences if I persist in writing English articles in the beginning, but I will try my best, so if you find any mistake, I am sorry and please feel free to contact me, so that I can improve my English :)

Happy birthday, Zhineng. My 21st Birthday, Please don’t let yourslef have any regrets.