Well, day one. Today, I’ll learn how to develop my first Android app. It’s a really simple app, but don’t worry, I think I’ll getting stronger in the near future.

Here is the example which I developed today.

My First Android App

Pretty simple sure, when I touch the screen, the counter will automatically plus one by itself.

In this app, I just only use one UI Component called TextView, the main logic code is in the MainActivity.java file. I think the code is easy to understand.

public void onClickTextView(View view) {
    // Get the reference to the TextView
    TextView counter = (TextView) findViewById(R.id.counter);

    // Declear the variable, it's a integer
    // Note: We need to use parseInt method to convert string into int
    Integer number =  Integer.parseInt(counter.getText().toString()) + 1;

    // Put the number into the counter

BTW, all the code in this series are hosted on Github already, you can also checkout the Github repository here.

At last, I’d like to say Java is really a OOP Programming language.